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Zlatna Kruna  
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Town:   Apatin
Postal Code:  25260
County:   Vojvodina
Region:  Serbia
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The catering facility "Zlatna Kruna" (The Golden Crown) is situated in Apatin at the 1401 st km of
the Danube watervay. A hundred-year old catering business of the family Visekruna has preserved
the tradition and attractiveness of the famous fish restaurants near the Danube.

"Zlatna Kruna" offers to its guests top - quality specialties: widly known Apatin fish stew, freshwa -
ter and sea fish dishes, a large selection of meat dishes and alcohol and soft drinks. The facility al-
so offers the accommodaation services with the following capacities: 20 beds in 2 single bed rooms,
7 double - bed rooms, and one luxury apartment. All rooms are richly furnished with a bathroom,
mini - bar, TV set and telephone, while the entire facility is air-conditioned. Polite personnel, plea -
sant atmosphere, good food and the view of the Danube guarantee a pleasant stay and good fun
to the visitors. Ten bungalows are planned to be built to meet the needs of those who wish to visit
and rest in this beautiful place.

Flats: 1
Rooms: 9
Number of beds: 20
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Phone/fax: +381 (0)25 778 100
Reception: +381 (0)25 773 731
Restaurant: +381 (0)25 776 429

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Public transportation (city buses)
Single bus ticket costs 30 dinars (app. 0,40€).