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Banja Junakovic  
Hits: 56636
Town:   Apatin
Postal Code:  25260
County:   Vojvodina
Region:  Serbia
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Spa "Junakovic" is situated on the north-west of Backa, Voivodina, 4km away from Apatin, at the very edge of the wood.

Apatin is connected by railway and motorway with Sombor, Subotica and farther with Hungary, as well as with Novi Sad and Belgrade.The road and the railway leading via Bogojevo and its bridge over the Danube link Apatin with Croatia. The bus transportation from Apatin to spa Junakovic on the basis of many daily departures is organized.
.Spa "Junakovic" is offering the following services :

-Rehabilitation health service of the ambulance and stationary type
-Organization of the seminars and symposiums (one and more days lasting)
-Organized rehabilitation for the working and retired people
-The closeness of Apatin with its hunting areas enables organized accommodation for the hunters
-Complex of the outdoors pools, football and handball fields, tennis courts,athletics track, weightlifting room, indoor therapy pool and two saunas enable organization of the sportsmen trainings. Football fields and the sports center in nearby Apatin also contribute to this
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